What does R Kelly think about Lifetime documentary?

What does R Kelly think about Lifetime documentary?

What does R Kelly think about Lifetime documentary?

R&B artist R Kelly is under investigation following the premiere of the documentary Surviving R Kelly.

"R Kelly and I have sometimes, very untrue things written about us, so in a way this was a bond between us".

A week later we are all still talking about R. Kelly's shocking docuseries Surviving R. Kelly aired on Lifetime.

"The quote is taken out of context", the rapper writes in one tweet.

Allegations surrounding the controversial R & B singer have persisted for many years, however, it appears as though the tide has turned, as more and more celebrities have chosen to speak their mind about him. Maybe I didn't care because I didn't value the accusers' stories because they were black women.

I mean, I have seen the scars on women's wrists where they attempted to kill themselves after relationships with R. Kelly, a man who is selling 100 million records, a man who is recording with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. She said in an interview that an alleged victim reached out to her office in early 2018 with "allegations about incidents at R. Kelly's home in Olympia Fields". Chance later released a video showing his remarks in full. YOU'RE NOT ALONE. It took a lot of therapy and even more tears to know what I know TODAY! In 2017 BuzzFeed published its "sex cult" story where a former personal assistant to Kelly said he only permits the women to wear jogging suits so that other men can't see the outlines of their bodies.

As did I, for many years.

John Legend is the rare exception, stepping up whereas others like Jay Z and Lady Gaga declined to participate. "It's a bad burden to have to endure". Sources close to him kept him inform on what aired as Kelly claims to "not know half" of the people in the piece and is "disgusted" by the reports of abuse.

Executive producer and showrunner Dream Hampton says she hopes "Surviving R. Kelly" serves as a starter tool to "shift culture" and "talk about rape culture and organize against patriarchy, which harms us all". If Surviving R. Kelly occasionally steps over that line-it can be a little too slick, particularly in the last two episodes when it seems like it wants to make news, instead of document it-it does so to make an undeniable and sickening case against Kelly.

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