Fortnite: Week 5, Season 7 Breakdown on Challenges

Fortnite: Week 5, Season 7 Breakdown on Challenges

Fortnite: Week 5, Season 7 Breakdown on Challenges

This week rewards Fortnite " s best players with a Secret Battle Star, which may be critical to unlocking high-level skins at the end of the season.

The air traffic control tower is a large red structure that has a satellite dish mounted on the very top of it. Players will be able to find the location of this particular building to the right of the runway and hangers that can be found in Frosty Flights. The cheat sheet also lets you know what to expect from each stage of the multi-step challenges.

As the first part of a three-stage quest, you'll be dancing on various towers around the map.

Like every Secret Battle Star before it, this one requires you to complete all free and Battle Pass Challenges for the current week.

Deal damage to opponents' structures: Destroy structures built by your opponents.

All you need to do is head to the Lonely Lodge location on the eastern half of the Battle Royale map. One of these towers is the air traffic control tower, and we have the location of it covered for you. The map embedded in the Tweet below showcases the exact drop zones the players need to land in a Battle Royale game.

The Fortnite Ranger Tower challenge is but one of seven new challenges this week.

According to the leaked information, the second area you'll need to dance upon is the ranger tower.

Dance on top of towers: We have a full explainer on this topic you can read here. If you're familiar with the lay of the land in Fortnite then you should know that a "crowned tomato" sits atop the Tomato Temple towards the northeast of the island, and in the area to the east of the revered vegetable you'll find a circle of rocks around a tree and a man made from rock. Again, make sure that your trajectory is right so you land on top of the wooden structure before you begin flossing or performing whatever dance move you choose.

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