US, North Korea agree to hold 2nd summit in near future

US, North Korea agree to hold 2nd summit in near future

US, North Korea agree to hold 2nd summit in near future

Denuclearization and a potential second summit between Kim and President Donald Trump were expected to be high on the agenda of the October 7 meeting. "If there is a second meeting, they are pretty sure that they can get more out of Trump than just dealing with administrations officials, including Pompeo".

"It's a very nice day that promises a good future for both countries", Mr Kim said as he sat down to lunch with Mr Pompeo.

Another planned trip by Pompeo to Pyongyang was scrapped after what Trump said was insufficient progress towards implementing the terms of the Singapore declaration. But within hours of the Secretary of State departing the North released a statement condemning "gangster-like" demands from the USA, raising questions over how much the two sides really saw eye to eye.

But that could end if the US agrees to sign a declaration to officially end the Korean War, a major demand on the North Korean side and something Pompeo has been open to. Details of the discussions weren't immediately available. "I thought we had a good, productive conversation, and as President Trump has said, there are many steps along the way, and we took one of them today, another step forward". Pompeo smiled but said nothing in return. "So this is, I think, a good outcome for all".

However, he played down expectations for a major breakthrough.

Pompeo will spend less than a day on the ground in Pyongyang, meeting on Sunday with Kim and seeking to flesh out USA expectations for his regime to denuclearize.

"This is a busy time diplomatically", said Al Jazeera's McBride. South Korea is urging the make its next demand the dismantlement of North Korea's main nuclear facility, Yongbyon, instead of declaring its inventory, which could lead to squabbling without trust-building actions, according to Kang.

Trump has appeared keen on a second summit with Kim, even though recent North Korean statements have suggested the two sides are far from narrowing their differences. Progress made on Singapore Summit Agreements!

But the unorthodox United States president has also since declared himself "in love" with Kim. USA officials have thus far said sanctions will remain in place until the North's denuclearization is fully verified.

Both received the award for "efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict", a Norwegian Nobel Committee statement said.

"We can't rule out the possibility that Washington. may move in the direction of partial easing of sanctions based on progress in denuclearisation", he said.

Nauert's statement made no mention of North Korea's commitment to dismantle the important Yongbyon nuclear facility, a potentially troubling sign for USA negotiators.

At the outset of his talks with Moon, Pompeo said South Korea is playing an important role in the denuclearization process.

The US and Japan have pushed for the North to compile and turn over a detailed list of its nuclear sites to be dismantled as a next step in the process.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho told the United Nations last month that continued sanctions were deepening the North's mistrust of the United States and there was no way Pyongyang would give up its nuclear weapons unilaterally under such circumstances.

Pompeo conceded last week that Washington is considering end-of-war steps when he told a reporter that China, too, would be a signatory to a peace agreement.

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