Cassidy: FBI Should Investigate Dems' Efforts to Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation

Cassidy: FBI Should Investigate Dems' Efforts to Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation

Cassidy: FBI Should Investigate Dems' Efforts to Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation

The FBI reached out to a second woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, the woman's lawyer said Saturday.

While background checks typically take days of on-the-ground investigation, in a case this closely scrutinized, FBI leaders could decide to go full bore, assigning a slew of agents from multiple squads to wrap the probe in short time.

Flake conceded that opponents of Kavanaugh's confirmation may try to use the delay to dig up more dirt on him.

Denouncing the reported restraints the Trump White House is reportedly imposing on the FBI's investigation despite the president's vow of no limitations, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)wrote: "This is not how you conduct an investigation".

McConnell is rushing Judge Kavanaugh though the Senate because the Supreme Court's new term begins Monday.

Democrats urged the FBI to investigate Swetnick's claims and voiced concern that the White House may be narrowing the scope of its work.

Trump ordered the new probe into Kavanaugh Friday at the request of the committee.

Media captionRepublican Senator Jeff Flake is challenged by a sexual assault survivor.

Don McGahn is the current White House counsel, and a friend of Kavanaugh.

"It will be limited in scope", Conway said. It's meant to last for a week.

"This can't become a fishing expedition", the White House press secretary continued. The source noted that it was not a final list and that they were leaving open the possibility of additional witnesses.

After a dramatic day-long hearing at which a university professor accused Kavanaugh of pinning her down and assaulting her at a party in the 1980s, the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier approved his nomination in a preliminary vote along party lines.

Kavanaugh and Ford, who says Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when both were teenagers, testified publicly before the Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Hirono praised the bipartisan effort from Republican Sen. On Friday, Republican Trump, who had strongly objected to such an investigation, succumbed to a few members of his party in the Senate and agreed to give the FBI a week to check out the allegation by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

GOP senators convened late into the evening in a room in the Capitol with various members, including Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, raising pointed questions. Lisa Murkowski "wanted a limited review". "They want to talk to Ms. Ramirez, because she refused to talk to the committee".

"They are going to go and they are going to provide information", Sanders insisted. "They're going to Mark Judge - 'Did you ever see Brett Kavanaugh drug women or engage in gang rape?' I think that's going to be the focus of it".

Ramirez alleges that Kavanaugh exposed himself and approached her with his genitals out at a college party, the New Yorker first reported a week ago. "It insults the intelligence of the Senate and the country and is an act of profound disrespect toward Dr. Blasey Ford and all survivors of sexual violence".

Judge says in his letter that he doesn't know Swetnick and does not recall any parties in the early 1980s where he "fondled or grabbed women in an aggressive or unwanted manner". They have deliberately and consciously turned the confirmation process into a witch hunt, knowing that any allegation - no matter how freaky or unlikely - would be lovingly reported by their allies in the media. Kavanaugh has denied the accusation.

As of Sunday morning, there was no indication that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was going to talk to Swetnick. One source also confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Swetnick's claims will not be pursued.

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