Harley-Davidson Is Hoping To Save Itself With New Designs

Harley-Davidson Is Hoping To Save Itself With New Designs

Harley-Davidson Is Hoping To Save Itself With New Designs

It was just yesterday that Harley-Davidson announced that it's working on introducing bikes in the 250-500cc range. the company will be entering into a strategic partnership with an Asia-based two-wheeler company for manufacturing the 250 cc- 500 cc motorcycles, without mentioning who the new partner will be.

Iconic American motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson unveiled on Monday a global growth plan to revamp its USA business with new products and cost-cutting measures, while also expanding internationally.

Next year, Harley Davidson will launch its electric cruiser motorcycle - the LiveWire.

As part of a plan it calls "More Roads to Harley-Davidson", the company expects to spend $675 million-$825 million over the next four years, chop costs and generate $5.9 billion-$6.4 billion in revenue in 2022.

The move will also "enable accessible price point for premium small displacement market entry", Harley-Davidson added.

The growth plan envisages new products launches, along with broadening access to its offerings and to improve dealers' financial strength. The small-displacement bike will sit below the Harley Davidson Street 750.

Harley goes adventure-touring | Meet the Pan America 1250

Big news this morning from the Bar and Shield brand, as Harley-Davidson announces future models including a 1250cc adventure motorcycle. The electric motorcycle market is still relatively dormant, and Harley-Davidson says it plans to take a leadership role, especially from a design perspective starting with the LiveWire.

'I would be more inclined to buy it than I would a traditional motorcycle, ' said Ms Kay, 25, adding that she rode a moped in high school and college and thinks the smaller, electric models would be easier to navigate in the city. Levatich has emphasised that Harley will produce lightweight urban bikes specifically for young consumers living in "dense urban spaces".

With an eye on India, Harley-Davidson has made a decision to go small at a time when it is caught in a bitter trade war initiated by US President Donald Trump. During that time, the company wants to gain 2 million new riders to reverse declining sales.

"The accelerated strategy will require significant investment to change the trajectory of the business globally, and the company plans to fund it entirely through comprehensive cost reduction and reallocation of previously planned investment and resources", Harley said.

The president responded on Twitter saying that Harley-Davidson "should stay 100% in America". Let us know what you think about the Pan America in the comments section below!

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