InfoWars Founder Alex Jones Banned From Facebook for 30 Days

InfoWars Founder Alex Jones Banned From Facebook for 30 Days

InfoWars Founder Alex Jones Banned From Facebook for 30 Days

A reminder: Jones was recently sued by parents of children massacred in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting after his website InfoWars spread conspiracy theories that the children were "crisis actors" and that the shooting was a hoax.

Mr Jones is banned from using his account for 30 days for posting videos that Facebook said broke its community standards.

His channel, which boasts more than 2.4 million subscribers, is in danger of being removed if he receives another two "community strikes" within three months.

Jones had been warned by Facebook before; these latest complaints were the last straw that led to the 30-day suspension. That's why you can still see new posts on his channels, and still watch his show live.

The Facebook representative also said that the site has removed four videos from pages run by Infowars and Jones after the content was reported to the site. We reviewed the content against our Community Standards and determined that it violates. It's unclear exactly which videos they were, but it's likely at least some were the same videos that YouTube removed from its site just days ago. Jones received another strike on YouTube this week for violating community guidelines in four videos, which have since been taken down. "All four videos have been removed from Facebook".

Jones has been widely criticized for promoting untrue, virulent hypotheses about tragic events like the 2001 terrorist attacks on World Trade Center in NY that killed almost 3,000 people and the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT that killed 26 students and staff.

It's the kind of step YouTube has yet to take against Jones.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson defended Infowars' Alex Jones after Facebook suspended Jones for "bullying" and "hate speech". Livestreams were being hosted Thursday afternoon by Ron Gibson, who describes his channel as part of Alex Jones' Free Speech Systems network.

There has been no comment yet from InfoWars regarding Facebook's actions so far, though their official response to the YouTube video removal was a result of the channel being "critical of liberalism".

Facebook enforce 30-day bans in the case of multiple violations.

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