Sony Unveils the First 48-Megapixel Smartphone Sensor

Sony Unveils the First 48-Megapixel Smartphone Sensor

Sony Unveils the First 48-Megapixel Smartphone Sensor

On July 23, the company announced its all-new IMX586 sensor that features the highest megapixel count and smallest pixel size we've seen on a mobile sensor to-date. The IMX586 has the "industry's highest pixel count" with 48 megapixels, bettering high-end cameras like its own A7R III, all squeezed into a phone-sized 8.0 mm diagonal unit. Pixels in a smartphone camera sensor are generally larger than 1 μm; the Pixel 2's sensor, for example, features 1.4-μm pixels.

'The new Sony sensor features 48 effective megapixels, *2 a pixel count which rivals that of high-performance SLR cameras, making it possible to capture attractive, high-resolution images even with a smartphone'.

As smartphone's imaging capabilities get better and better, manufacturers like Sony and Samsung will continue to push the boundaries of technology with its own hardware created to make compact devices even more proficient in photography and videography.

The images on the left shows a shot from a conventional phone camera image (with 12 effective megapixels), while the right side shows photos from a camera with the IMX586 sensor (with 48 effective megapixels). This will enable you to capture bright, low-noise photos and videos. This comes at the expense of resolution, though, resulting in - in the case of Sony's new sensor - 12-megapixel photos.

The company has confirmed that the sample shipments will begin from September, and the price of IMX586 CMOS image sensor will be JPY 3,000 (roughly Rs. 1,800) excluding additional taxes that vary with each country.

The new sensor also uses new filters to boost performance at high sensitivity and in low light. Long story short, it's able to produce images in low noises thanks to the integrated exposure control and signal processing functionality technology. It's possible that Apple could use this sensor in its future iPhones models.

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