Serena Williams will be seeded at Wimbledon

Serena Williams will be seeded at Wimbledon

Serena Williams will be seeded at Wimbledon

In an interview with Good Morning America published on Tuesday, Serena, however, outlined her belief that the rules should be changed to reflect women's right to return to tennis as a job at the same level that they left, as in other walks of life.

While Williams has previously held the world number 1 rank, she is now 183rd - a result of playing just three professional events in the past year due to her recent pregnancy. However, the All England Club can make a change if deemed "necessary to produce a balanced draw". As Wimbledon approached, she petitioned for the All England Club to take maternity leave into account. "If they put her in front of me then I will lose my spot that I am supposed to have".

"She [Serena Williams] is the greatest player to ever play the sport", Wozniacki told reporters during a grass-court tune-up earlier this week. "So I think that's why". "But I think this is a little bit of a different story", she said at the Eastbourne championships. "Maybe she's 25 and she wants to have a baby, but she doesn't want her career to be over".

The question for tournament officials, however, is how to strike that balance between elevating a returning player whose ranking has dropped over rivals who have surged ahead of her in the rankings.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has won Wimbledon seven times. "John McEnroe, who is on the seeding committee, was among the fellow tennis legends who spoke out in Williams" favor before the ruling.

"Why should I not be seeded if I have the right to be?" "Nor should they, in my opinion".

Last weekend, U.S. Open President and CEO Katrina Adams said that it would definitely seed Williams for the season's final major, acknowledging that the formula for doing so had yet to be determined. Not everyone was in support of giving Williams a better seed, however.

Wimbledon made Williams the 25th seed, which comes at the expense of Dominika Cibulkova, who was ranked 32nd and therefore didn't get seeded at all to make room for Williams. "I don't think it's the right thing to do", Cibulkova told BBC before the ruling. "It's just not fair if there is a player [who misses out] and it's me now".

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