Merkel rejects Trump’s Germany crime claim

Merkel rejects Trump’s Germany crime claim

Merkel rejects Trump’s Germany crime claim

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday a euro zone reform package agreed with French President Emmanuel Macron would be supported by all parties in her ruling coalition.

She said with the budget, Europe could respond earlier and better to immediately "answer asymmetric shocks", before a country is already in a financial crisis.

Merkel is locked in a standoff with her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, over his demand for some asylum-seekers to be turned back at the border.

US President Donald Trump barged into an worldwide row Monday saying Europe made a "big mistake" by allowing in migrants, as he faces soaring pressure to end the separation of immigrant families on America´s own southern border.

Merkel's Bavarian allies yesterday gave her a two-week reprieve to set tougher border controls in the European Union, saying that if she did not meet the deadline they would start rejecting asylum seekers at the German border.

However, Mr. Trump's claim that Germans were turning against their leaders because of an increase in crime spurred by immigration was easily debunked by a report last month from Mr. Seehofer's own ministry showing a almost 10% drop in crime a year ago, to the lowest point since 1992. "Across Europe make a big mistake by letting millions of people who are so strongly and sharply change their culture!"

Above all, Mr. Seehofer's party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), lost ground in Bavaria to the far-right Alternative for Germany, creating deep resentment in the party that Ms. Merkel's policies made them vulnerable on the right for the first time in postwar history.

"(Trump's) zero-tolerance policy is cruel.

The German chancellor voiced support for Macron's "European Intervention Initiative", which aimed at developing structures for carrying out joint military operations.

The survey found that 62 percent of respondents were in favor of turning back undocumented migrants at the border, in line with the stance of Seehofer who is openly challenging Merkel.

Trump's claim on crime goes against crime figures in May that pointed to an overall decline in Germany over the past year. "Crime in Germany is way up. Pleasure", added the broadcaster. "It says that crime has gone down 5.1 percent in Germany - in fact, it's the lowest rate in a quarter-century in Germany".

The Deutsche Welle website also noted that separate studies suggest that Iraqi and Syrian refugees in Germany are less likely to commit crimes out of fear for jeopardizing their chances of obtaining asylum. But she was also adamant the only way to do so was through a joint European Union policy and individual deals with countries where migrants first go. "A much faster turnaround on asylum seekers", Kelly told National Public Radio during a controversial interview in which he argued that undocumented migrants would not be able to easily assimilate into American society because "they don't have skills".

Merkel's welcome to refugees also infuriated Seehofer and his CSU, the sister party of her Christian Democrats in the southern state of Bavaria, which became the main entry point for most migrants. The European asylum authority Easo announced Monday in Brussels that a total of 222,560 applications was registered previous year with nearly a third of them (31 percent) in Germany.

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