Two more leave US’s Cuba embassy in ‘potential new’ sonic sickness cases

Two more leave US’s Cuba embassy in ‘potential new’ sonic sickness cases

Two more leave US’s Cuba embassy in ‘potential new’ sonic sickness cases

BEIJING-The U.S. State Department on June 8 issued an expanded health alert for all of China amid reports that some U.S. diplomats based in the country had experienced a mysterious malady resembling a brain injury.

Two other officials said that the victims brought for examination at the University of Pennsylvania, which doctors studied the cases past year in Cuba and the new U.S. Consulate in China.

A State Department spokesman said they were being tested for brain injuries.

Hua responded thus to new reports circulated yesterday about the evacuation of two USA officials working in the consulate of the southern city of Guangzhou due to mysterious health symptoms, registered before in another government official.

Until Friday, the most recent suspicious incidents disclosed by the Cuba had been in August 2017, leading many to suspect that the incidents had stopped.

At least one employee has suffered a mild brain injury, and several others have returned to the undergo medical evaluations.

People working in The Canton Place complex, a few kilometers (miles) from the consulate, said they were just hearing about the incidents, reflecting a lack of coverage in China's entirely state-controlled media.

Those affected have suffered a range of symptoms including hearing loss, dizziness, fatigue, cognitive issues and sleep loss.

Asked about the latest incidents, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Thursday that the US had not formally raised the matter with Beijing.

Cuba said it remained ready to work with the United States to determine what, if anything, was causing the illnesses after its own investigation had uncovered no evidence of foul play.

Of the roughly 170 American consulate staffers and family members in Guangzhou, about 150 sought the offered preliminary medical examinations, according to officials familiar with the process. There are about 170 US diplomats or employees and their families in Guangzhou.

The President of the United States Donald trump blamed for a series of acoustic attacks on Cuba. The consulate opened months after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Washington in 1979 and moved to its new purpose-built facility in 2013.

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