Judge in Brock Turner sexual assault case recalled

Judge in Brock Turner sexual assault case recalled

Judge in Brock Turner sexual assault case recalled

That sentence, considered by many to be too lenient, provoked national backlash that foreshadowed the rise of #MeToo. The number of California law professors opposing the recall later jumped to 90, the Los Angeles Times reported. In 1986, three state Supreme Court justices were removed from office, including Chief Justice Rose Bird, but that was during a general election, not a recall.

Those unofficial results might not include all absentee ballots, but top Persky supporters already started conceding defeat after Tuesday's referendum. Almost half of likely voters - 46 percent - support removing him from his post, compared to 33 percent who oppose such a move, according to a poll of 559 likely voters conducted in May for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and The Mercury News. Gray Davis appointed him to the bench the next year. After successfully gathering the 58,634 signatures - representing 20% of the voting population in Santa Clara County - inside just 160 days, the election was called.

Judge Aaron Persky from Northern California was recalled from office Tuesday for a sexual assault sentence that critics deemed too lenient. He said he didn't resign because judicial independence was at stake.

But political consultant Scott Hart said Persky's recall shows that voters feel strongly that they should have the right to remove judges under certain circumstances. But anti-recall forces, including Cordell, have disputed this.

Dauber holds a doctorate in sociology and has always been an advocate for victims of sexual assault. The ruling fueled national outrage, as he rejected the prosecutors' request for a six-year prison sentence.

The 56-year-old judge said the court's probation officer had recommended a sentence of a year or less after speaking with the victim, identified only as Emily Doe.

Persky had won re-election since his appointment, and his current six-year term would have expired in January 2023.

Brock Turner is serving three years' probation as part of his sentence, and has had to register as a sex offender in his home state of Ohio. Like Turner, Persky was also a Stanford athlete.

During the May 8 news conference, he said that the threat of a recall "is a subtle and insidious, silent corrupting force ... that will enter the minds of judges as they contemplate hard decisions". "The problem with this recall is it will pressure judges to follow the rule of public opinion as opposed to the rule of law". I was very calm and wondering where my sister was. "When judges believe that they will lose their careers for making unpopular but lawful decisions, they may lack the courage to stand up for the rights of minorities or others needing protection from powerful majorities or those with even understandably inflamed passions". "I was terrified of it, I didn't know what had been in it, if it had been contaminated, who had touched it", she said.

Michele Dauber, a sociologist and professor at Stanford Law School, has led the recall push and serves as its public face.

"As a judge, my role is to consider both sides", he said in the statement. "If they do not, they will hear from women at the polls".

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