Telegram crypto-chat chap says Apple has 'restricted' its app updates worldwide

Telegram crypto-chat chap says Apple has 'restricted' its app updates worldwide

Telegram crypto-chat chap says Apple has 'restricted' its app updates worldwide

Even after a Russian court ruled that the app should be blocked in Russian territories, Telegram refused to hand over encryption keys that would give Russian officials access to user data.

Russian authorities have ordered domestic internet service providers to block the app, causing disruption of other services but failing to shut down Telegram in the country.

Apple now has one month to report on its efforts taken to remove Telegram from the App Store.

In a post on his own Telegram channel today, Durov apologised for some features not working under just-released iOS 11.4.

Russian Federation officially banned the secure message app Telegram in April, and now it appears the app is facing problems in other regions. This has been happening since April when Russian Federation first sent its request to Google and Apple to block push notifications and updates on for the app. Apple is yet to comment on these serious allegations that raise questions over the iPhone maker's swift compliance with government requests even if some requests affect user privacy and security. As shown in the screenshot here, results for App Store searches remain somewhat scattershot; they can now turn up completely unrelated apps badged with "Ad", unusually surfaced apps that aren't ads, or advertised apps that may well be exactly what a user is looking for.

Contrarily to the likes of Facebook and Google, whose business models are based on knowing enough about their users to serve effective advertisements, Apple says it doesn't need to know our most intimate details. We believe we did the only possible thing, preserving the right of our users to privacy in a troubled country.

Durov also claims the lack of app updates mean Telegram has also "been unable to fully comply with GDPR" before the May 25th deadline.

"Unfortunately, Apple didn't side with us", he continued.

"Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience".

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