John Goodman Responds to Roseanne Cancellation

John Goodman Responds to Roseanne Cancellation

John Goodman Responds to Roseanne Cancellation

The stunning news yesterday that ABC canceled its breakout hit, "Roseanne", in the wake of a tweet by star Roseanne Barr that was widely condemned as racist has, as you'd expect, remained a hot topic. But unlike some of his sitcom co-stars, Goodman was hesitant to address the matters at hand, explaining that he'd "rather say nothing than to cause more trouble".

In short, Monday night, Barr - apparently while on Ambien - tweeted and then deleted a racist post about former Obama aid Valerie Jarrett, who is African American.

On whether or not Barr can be forgiven for her comments, Smith said, "Can she be forgiven?"

The White House said on Wednesday it did not defend the racist tweet by Barr, a Trump supporter.

But Goodman did not seem too concerned, telling Entertainment Tonight he was doing fine since hearing about Roseanne's ending, and that he did not follow Twitter controversies.

Goodman also shrugged off ABC abandoning its Emmy campaign for the show, saying, "I wasn't gonna get an Emmy anyway".

"I think she is just mean - she's just always ready to say a disgusting thing, whatever will hurt the most", the source said.

Roseanne has had a long love-hate history with Tom Arnold - and he might know her better than nearly anyone on the planet. "I've been up there [11] times already, and if I didn't get one I'm not going to get one".

She continued: "Attempting to also get phone numbers for Jarrett, Michelle and GS to personally apologize to them tho I disagree with their politics". How do you feel about the cast and crew of Roseanne being entitled to a hefty payday in spite of everything?

Trump, who often complains about critical media coverage, did not mention the tweet by Roseanne Barr on Tuesday that compared black Obama administration adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

"I am exhausted of being smeared-over a stupid mistake erasing 30 yrs of activism", she wrote. "In fact, I tweeted a lot because I figured someone would take her phone away or monitor that, because it's unsafe when you have that much money on a show".

Tuesday, Dungey issued a statement to USA TODAY denouncing Barr's original tweet and announcing the network's decision not to move forward with the show, which had been approved for another season. "I think that is why I am so glad to be here this evening talking with all of you". "And they are about to rue the day they knew me..."

"They muster up their folk to make thousands of calls to take ppl off the airwaves", Barr claimed.

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