Young girl attacked by bear in Grand Junction

Young girl attacked by bear in Grand Junction

Young girl attacked by bear in Grand Junction

A five-year-old girl was severely injured after being attacked by a black bear in her backyard in Grand Junction, Colorado early Sunday morning.

The unidentified girl walked out of her home at 2:30 a.m. after hearing a noise outside.

The mother told Colorado Parks and Wildlife her daughter had thought she had heard their dog outside and that's why she was in the yard.

The mother says she scared the bear away by screaming at it.

The five-year-old was rushed to St. Mary's Hospital in serious condition after the attack. She reportedly received more than six dozen stitches. Wildlife officials have set traps and are tracking the bear with bloodhounds.

"Fortunately she had no life-threatening injuries", Breaux said.

"Our officers are actively searching for the bear and will do so overnight and as long as it takes", said Mike Porras, a spokesman for the CPW's Northwest Region office. The press release notes that residents should expect heavier than normal law enforcement presence as well as hounds in the area until further notice.

The bear had yet to be captured as of Sunday night.

"Residents are asked to secure trash, keep pet food inside and immediately report any bear sightings in this neighborhood, or any residential area", the organization said.

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