Trump Explodes at Staff for Not Deporting Immigrants Faster

Trump Explodes at Staff for Not Deporting Immigrants Faster

Trump Explodes at Staff for Not Deporting Immigrants Faster

Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen told staffers that she almost submitted her resignation Wednesday after President Trump reprimanded her in front of the entire cabinet, several officials familiar told the New York Times.

Chief of Staff John Kelly defended the policy in an interview Thursday with NPR, explaining that the brutal "technique" was temporarily necessary to deter migrants who "don't integrate well" into American society. In January, the president instructed the Department of Homeland Security to end the provisional status for 195,000 Salvadorans; in November, he ordered out about 46,000 Haitians, giving them only a few months to leave the country.

Frustrated by lawmakers who have prevented him from building a wall on the southern border, and by laws preventing him from deporting more migrants from the United States, Donald Trump has recently lashed out in anger at his subordinates and in rallies, fulminating over his inability to execute his sweeping campaign promises to keep more immigrants out of the country. When asked about the episode, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told ABC News in a statement: "The president is committed to fixing our broken immigration system and our porous borders".

Nielsen battled back, one person said, telling Trump that laws limit some of what she could do to block the flow of undocumented immigrants. The Times reported two of them said Nielsen had drafted a resignation letter but had not submitted it. DHS spokesperson Tyler Houlton said the Times reporting that Nielsen had drafted a resignation letter and was close to resigning is false.

The episode at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday is the latest evidence of staff turmoil at the White House, where many of Mr. Trump's top advisers have either been fired or have resigned in recent weeks. He repeatedly claimed credit for the fact that during his first year in office, illegal border crossings dropped to their lowest levels in decades.

Trump has pursued his crackdown on legal and illegal immigration since becoming president, promising to strengthen the nation's borders and to build a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

After another meeting on Capitol Hill, Kelly later said some people who were DACA eligible but didn't sign up had reasons but most probably "needed to get off the couch". When members of his Cabinet pointed out that the country relies on day laborers who cross the border each day, Trump said that was fine, but continued to complain, one person said. Nielsen issued her own statement Thursday evening saying the president is justifiably frustrated but that she is staying on the job. I share his frustration.

Trump has clashed with Nielsen for weeks. She had even gone so far as to draft a resignation letter, according to the Times.

Trump considers Nielsen as well as different DHS officers ' are resisting directives that parents are separated from their children when people cross illegally in the united states of america, to discourage them from entering, the newspaper stated, citing the officers.

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