Hawaii officials encourage tourist to visit, despite volcano

Hawaii officials encourage tourist to visit, despite volcano

Hawaii officials encourage tourist to visit, despite volcano

The Kilauea volcano has forced about 2,000 people to flee and destroyed dozens of homes. The threat of future explosions was not the only bad news to come out in the past 24 hours. Rather it experiences effusive eruptions, where magma moves along rifts below the surface before rising and pushing up through fissures in the earth.

Park officials say they fear a once-in-a-century steam explosion inside of Halemaumau Crater. The water boils instantaneously when it comes into contact with the magma, resulting in a violent mixing of the two substances.

The steam would then build in pressure as rocks fall and form a dam within the volcano's walls, and "cause steam-driven explosions" with "very little warning", according to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory. "(Geological Survey) volcanologist expressed a couple of days ago, because the lava level is dropping and it could potentially go below the water table, and that could potentially create steam explosions", said Nair.

"With that said, we are still in a period of significant potential aftershocks, so there is the possibility of certainly a large felt quake", Neal noted.

"Due to decreasing trade winds, residents are advised to monitor their sensitivity to increased levels of SO2", the text message sent at 9:22 a.m. said. "That's what's happening at the moment but these are just fairly small eruptions". Eventually, this may lead to an explosion that could shoot rocks as large as several tons up to half a mile away, pebbles several miles away and plume of ash up to 20 miles away. It threw boulders as heavy as 12½ tonnes into the sky.

Even without an explosion, the damage left behind by lava is substantial in some areas.

The Big Island volcano activities are now making headlines around the world. "Really it's worrying; we've been doing a lot of praying". "We don't know what's going on underground". She had meant to visit Kilauea's summit with her husband and 5-year-old daughter and stay in Volcano, a town a few miles from the crater.

For people outside the park, scientists says there's no need to worry about rocks flying out. However, quake activity and ground deformation continue and additional outbreaks in the general area of Leilani Estates are likely.

People should also be cautious around the water: once lava interacts with saltwater, it produces hydrochloric acid, which is toxic.

Residents who live around the Kilauea summit should beware of the risk of ashfall, stay informed of the status of the volcano and area closures and review family and business emergency plans.

Previous eruptions have lasted anywhere from 30 to 80 days, so there is no way to know how long this eruption will last.

The Hawaii volcano could blow its top in the coming days and cause a widespread disaster on the island, according to the latest from U.S. officials.

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