France's Macron says Trump made a mistake by leaving JCPOA

France's Macron says Trump made a mistake by leaving JCPOA

France's Macron says Trump made a mistake by leaving JCPOA

President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned of a "very severe consequence" if Iran relaunched its nuclear program after he vowed to pull the US out of the landmark deal, adding that he "would advise them very strongly" against restarting the program.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a speech to a Belgian regional parliament that Trump's decision shows the U.S.

Iran is complying with its commitments, meaning that it is not threating the USA and Europe or further destabilizing the region by restarting its historical nuclear weapons program. Now, we have the USA on one side, Iran on the other, and Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russian Federation all pulling in slightly different directions in-between. Trump has repeatedly pointed to those omissions in referring to the accord as the "worst deal ever".

The European and United States positions were too far apart on the so-called sunset clauses allowing for some restriction on Iran's nuclear enrichment program to be lifted.

His criticisms are accurate.

In this scenario, Iran would continue to observe the JCPOA's terms of inspection and limits on enrichment of nuclear materials. He is wrong, however, on everything else. Significantly, the IAEA has acknowledged that Tehran has complied with the agreement.

"I think Trump is insane", one person said. The parties agreed to and accepted mutual compromise.

Trump also laid out his goals to "eliminate the threat of Iran's ballistic-missile program, to stop its terrorist activities worldwide, and to block its menacing activity across the Middle East". But never had all of Europe stood united against a U.S. Administration and accused it of being an global scofflaw-until Trump.

There are a number of scenarios that may now play out in the wake of Trump's decision - too many to list in full here.

European governments tried for months to persuade Trump to stick with the deal but failed, and now fear it will raise the risk of conflict in the region.

Macron has repeatedly condemned the United States withdrawal as a mistake.

Last week, a senior Israeli intelligence official was in Ottawa to garner support for his government's opposition to the Iran agreement.

Iran has indicated that it will work with the other signatories to maintain the JCPOA framework.

Macron's desire to broaden the accord "only made sense if the USA respected the existing agreement", Robert Malley, who was United States president Barack Obama's Middle East adviser and a negotiator of the accord, wrote in Le Monde.

Trump was referring to three US citizens detained by Pyongyang on various charges. Leaders of France, Germany and the United Kingdom jointly issued a press release stating their hopes to preserve the deal. They, along with Britain's prime minister, noted the USA decision with "regret and concern", calling the agreement "important for our shared security".

The Iranians have responded to his action by saying they're preparing to restart uranium enrichment.

Iranian students also took to the iconic Azadi Square in the capital Tehran, setting fire to USA flags and shouting anti-U.S. slogans.

"It is clear to me that we can not prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement", Trump said in a press briefing from the White House. While Trump is a policy weathervane on many issues, he has been consistent on the JCPOA from the get-go. It is an immature and irresponsible negotiating technique.

Russian Federation and China will not join the US this time around.

Mr Yukiya Amano, chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which polices the JCPOA, said yesterday that Iran is continuing to implement its nuclear commitments under the deal. While the country will "carefully analyze the impact that this announcement would have", the economic harm will be inescapable.

Richard Johnson, acting assistant coordinator in the State Department's Office of Iran Nuclear Implementation, announced his resignation in an email to colleagues, which was obtained and first reported by Foreign Policy. Canada is planning to lift sanctions against Iran as well, as our companies vie to do business with the Iranian regime. Yet more collateral damage in a misguided decision by the USA president.

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