Suspected Golden State Killer faces more murder charges

Suspected Golden State Killer faces more murder charges

Suspected Golden State Killer faces more murder charges

DeAngelo has now been charged with all the murders that investigators believe were committed by the Golden State Killer.

DeAngelo was arrested last month and remains in Sacramento County Jail. Authorities have charged DeAngelo with two murder counts in that case, including multiple murders enhancements and special circumstances of murder during the commission of a rape and burglary and use of a firearm.

Offerman was originally from Dyersville and a graduate of Loras College.

Cheri Domingo and Greg Sanchez were murdered in Santa Barbara County around July 27, 1981.

The case of the Golden State Killer, linked to at least 50 rapes and 12 murders between 1976 and 1986, had gone cold - although investigators believed they had a reliable sequence of the perpetrator's DNA.

Each of the four counts Joseph DeAngelo faces carry the possibility of life without parole or the death sentence.

After DeAngelo's arrest, authorities revealed they'd zeroed in on him by comparing suspect DNA recovered from crime scenes to genetic profiles stored on genealogy websites.

The Orange County part of the Golden State Killer investigation began with the August 1980 slaying of a newlywed couple in Dana Point.

Diane Howard, from the Sacramento County Public Defender's Office and who is DeAngelo's attorney on the Sacramento charges, was not immediately available for comment. They then reportedly obtained a discarded sample of DeAngelo's DNA, which matched the suspect DNA.

She added that she will be meeting with other district attorneys on Friday to discuss the issue. Their deaths are the earliest attributed to the East Area Rapist, and DeAngelo is due in court Monday for a hearing in that case.

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