Chinese Premier Li Keqiang finishes three-day Japan visit

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang finishes three-day Japan visit

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang finishes three-day Japan visit

"I want to raise Japan-China relations to a new level", Abe said, adding that he also planned to visit Beijing later this year.

The most recent previous official visit to Japan by a Chinese premier was the trip made by his predecessor Wen Jiabao in 2011.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Chinese PM Li Keqiang have agreed that they want to see a guarantee of economic aid for North Korea if the nation agrees to denuclearize.

Li said he hopes his visit this year - marking the 40th anniversary of the signing of a friendship treaty - would help develop bilateral ties into a "long-lasting and stable relationship", according to the Imperial Household Agency.

During the meeting, Li also pointed to energy efficiency, environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, high-end manufacturing, finance, sharing economy, and gerontics services as key areas where China and Japan should enhance cooperation.

Abe said bilateral relations are standing at a new starting point.

"But cooperating under the belt and road plan will be good for Japan too, because it's an opportunity for Japan to reach broader markets through this New Silk Road".

The two countries, Abe said at the reception, can jointly shoulder greater responsibility in resolving regional issues, such as jointly promoting infrastructure construction in Asia by setting up a trans-departmental committee.

The emperor also said he feels nostalgic, when recalling his first visit and the cordial welcome he had experienced.

The two countries should take full advantage of the exchange of their legislative organizations, bringing people from all walks of life to have an objective and rational perception of the ties, Li told Japanese legislators.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also welcomed a string of business commitments from China, including a RMB 200 billion ($31.4 billion) investment quota for Japan investors to buy Chinese stocks.

"Cooperation will be good for both China and Japan, as long as it's honest".

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