Trump's lawyer Giuliani suggests other women may have been paid hush money

Trump's lawyer Giuliani suggests other women may have been paid hush money

Trump's lawyer Giuliani suggests other women may have been paid hush money

Trump has told a confidant that instead of being completely banned, Giuliani should be "benched" if he can not improve his performance in interviews.

"I think the president would like that", Giuliani said. Then when asked if Cohen paid off more women, Giuliani says "if it was necessary, yes".

According to the Associated Press, the president "is growing increasingly irritated" with Giuliani's "frequently off-message media blitz".

"The president and I have been friends for 30 years", he said.

Trump was reportedly upset at Giuliani and Fox News host Sean Hannity following an interview last week in which Giuliani explained that Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, had "funneled through a law firm" the $130,000.

Trump said Giuliani was "a great guy but he just started a day ago" and was still learning about the case, a possible but feeble attempt at damage control. "I think he's very comfortable now that someone is doing that for him". Following the Federal Bureau of Investigation seizure of Cohen's files, the whole truth of the Daniels payment - and any others - was likely to come out anyway.

Scarborough suggested Trump's recent comments about his new legal team member may mean Giuliani is already close to being booted out of the White House. Giuliani pre-emptively offered several versions of that truth, allowing Trump's supporters to choose the one they find least appalling. When it comes to Robert Mueller's investigation and the Stormy Daniels scandal, the loudest voices on both sides care only about whether something helps or hurts Trump.

When pressed, Giuliani said he would prefer the Hillary Clinton model, referring to the former secretary of state's interview in connection to her use of a personal email server, in which she was not under oath when questioned and was responding to queries provided to her in advance.

The president has not publicly discussed dismissing Giuliani and has appreciated his sharp attacks on the Russian Federation investigation and his forceful battles with the press, according to three White House aides and outside allies.

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