Trump muses about taking away press credentials from the 'Fake News' media

Trump muses about taking away press credentials from the 'Fake News' media

Trump muses about taking away press credentials from the 'Fake News' media

"Some may excuse the president's inflammatory rhetoric about the media, but just because the president does not like news coverage does not make it fake", she said.

The group determined that nine out of 10 of those broadcast statements were negative.

Instead of wasting resources covering bogusy White House press briefings, serious journalists could spend that time working actual sources to uncover and report bona fide news about the Trump Administration. "Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91 percent of the Network News about me is negative (Fake)".

The CNN correspondent added: "So when the president threatens to go after the news media and [threatens to] revoke their credentials and calling us all sorts of names, he really is sort of undermining an oath he took in front of the American people".

Trump referenced a recent study from the Media Research Center which found that 90 percent of media coverage from major outlets was negative in fashion.

Since taking up the presidency, Trump has strongly favored news outlets that provide glowing coverage such as Fox News, the Daily Caller, Newsmax and Sinclair, a group of nearly 200 local TV stations.

While Trump's tweet teased the idea, the association's president explained the severe reflection on the president if the idea were to come to fruition. The MRC reported it took up 321 minutes or almost one-fifth of all Trump administration coverage.

Matt Drudge, the Internet publisher behind the influential Drudge Report website, posted a rare personal tweet on Wednesday morning to warn about what might follow from the White House. "[Dems already floated this in the senate pre-Trump.] The mop up on this issue is going to be excruciating..."

Percentage-point difference aside, that's not the first time the center has found a shockingly large percentage of negative news aimed at the president.

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