Reporter falls in pool on live TV

Reporter falls in pool on live TV

Reporter falls in pool on live TV

It all started when British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) sports presenter Mike Bushell was preparing to interview England Commonwealth Games swimmers Sarah Vasey, Adam Peaty, Siobhan-Marie O'Connor, Ben Proud and James Guy during a live interview on BBC Breakfast. Perhaps that should be extended to cover water-based interviews, as Mike Bushell would no doubt agree.

Bushell actually stepped into the shallow part of the pool willingly.

Bushell began his live interview with England's Commonwealth Games swimmers by warning that he must take care in the water, lest he should damage his microphone and sound equipment.

As he fell into the water, his initial reaction was that of absolute surprise as can be seen and heard in the video further down this article posted on Twitter.

The presenter later explained, "I just thought it was a little Jacuzzi or a kid's pool".

Perhaps it was a warning to himself.

Shortly after announcing he "had to be careful" when interviewing the swimmers, whose competition finished yesterday in Australia's Gold Coast, Mike Bushell took a dip of his own after missing a step in the pool.

He is surely going to think twice before stepping close to a pool in the future.

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