Lawmakers react to Paul Ryan's announcement to leave Congress

Lawmakers react to Paul Ryan's announcement to leave Congress

Lawmakers react to Paul Ryan's announcement to leave Congress

"That's why today I'm announcing that they shall be my last one as a member of the House".

"The truth is, it is easy for it to take over everything in your life and you can't just let that happen because there are other things in life that can be fleeting as well: Namely your time as a husband and father Ryan said".

While he repeated the well-known fact that he did not want to be Speaker of the House when essentially thrust into the position in 2015, he said he had "no regrets" about accepting the job.

"I have accomplished much of what I came here to do and my kids aren't getting any younger", he said.

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and one of the three most famous (infamous?) Republican politicians in America...will not seek re-election.

"But I have given this job everything".

He singled out two of his biggest legislative achievements: the tax legislation that Congress approved and President Donald Trump signed in December and rebuilding the US military.

Ryan also suggested that he intends to finish his full term as a member of the House and will not retire early. Ryan was chairman of the House Budget Committee and it was his experience in that area that was cited as the primary reason for his inclusion on the ticket. He was supplanted by Donald Trump. So far in the 2017-18 election cycle, he's raised more than US$54 million, a total Ryan's political aides have called an unprecedented sum for a speaker's political organization. Even if Republicans prevail, their majority will certainly be diminished, making the job of passing legislation through a party already torn between moderates and ideological hardliners all the more hard. Republicans are also facing a hard midterm election season, but Ryan said that had no influence on his retirement.

Trump said that Ryan was a "truly good man" who will "leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question".

While Mr Ryan appeared to share little in common with Donald Trump, he went on to played a central role in the current USA administration.

He was elected House speaker in 2015 after former House speaker John Boehner retired.

The more likely explanation is that he's just sick of the struggle-being a House Republican doesn't seem like a fun job these days, especially ahead of the impending 2018 midterms, and actually leading this doomed coalition seems like actual torture.

Walker also discussed Ryan as a vice presidential candidate for Mitt Romney in 2012.

"I gave it some consideration, but I really do not believe whether I stay or go in 2019 is going to affect a person's individual race for Congress", he said.

In December Mr Ryan achieved his cherished goal of overhauling the USA tax code, and according to Axios, regarded it as the capstone of his legislative career.

"Speaker Ryan is a good man who is always true to his word". The Jefferson Parish Republican has also done little to hide his ambitions to eventually lead the House.

The number two Republican, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, is a frontrunner for the speaker's job should the party maintain its majority, but on Wednesday he divulged little about his plans.

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