Royal wedding guest list: No Trumps, Obamas or other politicians

Royal wedding guest list: No Trumps, Obamas or other politicians

Royal wedding guest list: No Trumps, Obamas or other politicians

Also invited will be 200 people from various charities associated with the couple, 100 students from two local schools, 610 Windsor Castle community members and 530 Members of The Royal Households and Crown Estate.

According to PEOPLE, the guest list will not include former president Barack Obama and wife Michelle, nor current POTUS Donald Trump and FLOTUS Melania. Her Majesty's Government was consulted.

The 33-year-old prince is the fifth in line to the British throne.

Prince Harry founded the Paralympic-style competition for wounded service men and women and veterans in 2014.

And Prince Harry has a well-documented friendship with Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama.

Theresa May have not been invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and U.S. actress Meghan Markle, British media reported on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family won't be attending the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. President Obama was not invited to Prince William and Dutchess Kate Middleton's nuptials in 2011 "on account of the added security costs his presence would have brought", The Telegraph reports.

The royal couple made a decision to instead invite members of the pubic to their wedding.

The nature of the guests, likely to be friends, work colleagues and good acquaintances of the couple, and the smaller venue, reflects Harry's position.

The Diana Award, the charity legacy to the late Princess of Wales, also took to Twitter to announce that seven of its recipients on the royal guest list.

Instead, the couple have chosen 600 guests they have a direct relationship with to witness their marriage on 19 May at Windsor Castle's St George's Chapel.

Meanwhile, members of the public from around the United Kingdom have this week learned they will be amongst the 2640 people at the Windsor Castle wedding.

Twelve-year-old Amelia Thompson who was caught up in last year's Manchester Arena terror attack in which 23 people were killed and hundreds more injured, is also on the list.

The ex-Royal Irish Regiment soldier said he had not told many people yet but expected his friends' reaction to be muted, compared to the feedback his girlfriend Kirsty Crawford was getting.

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