Ongoing pay gap a focal point on Equal Pay Day

Ongoing pay gap a focal point on Equal Pay Day

Ongoing pay gap a focal point on Equal Pay Day

United Kingdom and Ireland CEO Tony Horrell said the company is trying to encourage more women to consider commercial property as a career.

Erie County Government is observing All Women's Equal Pay Day, a day marked to raise awareness of ongoing gaps in pay between women and men. OR does have some strong laws in place to fight back, including a provision prohibiting employers from discriminating or retaliating against a person for taking action to get equal pay, or for talking about wages in the workplace.

Not all of the gender wage gap can be explained by occupational choice, however.

The National Partnership for Women and Families released a new study of the gender pay gap in each state for National Equal Pay Day.

Right now, women in NY make 89 cents for every dollar men make in similar jobs. It would take Hispanic women until 2248 to hit the same benchmark.

Warren's declaration of support for pair equality, however, did not address her previous history of paying female staffers in her Senate office 71 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts during the 2016 fiscal year, as the Washington Free Beacon previously reported.

The narrowing of the gap has slowed substantially in recent years - in fact, at the current pace the wage gap won't be closed until the year 2058.

"This isn't just a problem for people who make a lot of money".

Over the past five decades, the gender wage gap has only narrowed by about 18 cents. On April 10, Boom Boom Brow Bar is donating 20 percent of all services to charities that are helping fight the wage gap. It doesn't always work in women's favor - women who negotiate too strongly can be seen as aggressive, and some researchers have found that there is a social penalty for women job applicants that men don't experience. Wyoming has the largest gap between men and women at 36 percent with NY and DE taking the top spots at 11 percent. "We can't solve problems we don't know exist", says Rachel Thomas, president of, which operates a campaign meant to raise awareness of the wage gap.

"Women earn only 81 cents to a man's dollar in Hawai'i, and it's getting wider". It's a small change, but translates to $128 million in more wages.

IN is experiencing a larger pay gap than much of the rest of the country. Believe me, it's the least you can do. In reality, experts contend that it will take a commitment from employers themselves to level the playing field.

One week prior to it's date, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) President Zoey Breese and two BVU faculty, Professor of Digital Media Dr. Andrea Frantz and Professor of Graphic Design Miranda Pollock, delivered an ACES presentation for students about Equal Pay Day on April 10. The Jackson business operator practices pay equity.

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