Facebook looks to regulate political ads ahead of elections in India

Facebook looks to regulate political ads ahead of elections in India

Facebook looks to regulate political ads ahead of elections in India

According to a report by TechCrunch, Facebook secretly retracted (deleted) the messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg as well as other top executives of Facebook from the recipients' inboxes.

Well, Facebook hasn't chimed in on how exactly will this "Unsend" feature work, but we can expect Messenger users to start taking more screenshots of the conversations once Facebook rolls out the ability to delete messages for all the users. "We did so in full compliance with our legal obligations to preserve messages", Facebook said. However, other unnamed sources have since stepped forward to say that their communications with Zuckerberg have undergone the same type of retraction, with only their own messages still appearing in their message threads.

In response, Facebook revealed to Tech Crunch its plans to launch feature to delete sent messages for Facebook users.

The conversations in which Facebook deleted messages sent by Zuckerberg and other executives' took place in regular Messenger mode.

A Facebook spokeswoman in Australia said the company would be "fully responsive" to the investigation and had recently updated some privacy settings.

Facebook said last Friday that it had suspended Canadian political consultancy AggregateIQ from its platform after reports that the firm may have had improper access to the personal data of Facebook users.

The firm has also not immediately responded to questions on whether any other secret privacy tools were available exclusively to Facebook executives.

Not all of Zuckerberg's messages from before 2014 have been erased by Facebook.

"We had a feature we could look up people by name or email, and that was important for finding people", Sandberg said to Bloomberg.

"There is an indication that Indonesian Facebook users are part of Cambridge Analytica's data case".

One of the sponsors of the Bill, which is still in the committee stage, said the statement was a reversal from what Facebook had earlier indicated. Do you think Facebook Messenger will be the same if unsending messages becomes a common feature?

The company also raised the idea of a "retention period", though there is no such thing for normal users.

Facebook's terms of service does not give authority to the platform to remove messages from the inbox of its users.

Meanwhile chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg earlier on Friday said the company should have conducted an audit after learning that a political consultancy improperly accessed user data almost three years ago.

At present, Zuckerberg has over 106 million friends and followers on Facebook.

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