Alligators get a nose up on icy conditions

Alligators get a nose up on icy conditions

Alligators get a nose up on icy conditions

Shallotte River Swamp Park shared incredible footage, on January 6, showing alligators encased in ice at the park in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.

The recent cold wave that swept across the state gave Mother Nature a chance to hit us with yet another surprise - frozen alligators sticking their snouts out of the ice. Alligators, he explained, don't like subfreezing temperatures any more than warmblooded humans, and when faced with such extremes they go into survival mode.

When the water or air temperature is too low they go into a state of "brumation", which means their metabolism slows down so much that the gators go into a lethargic state.

"These guys are diehard just incredible survivors and this is just one more example of that", he said. "Pretty incredible. ... Look at those teeth". But fortunately for them they have quite the tactic to survive the frozen waters.

How have alligators dealt with the freezing temperatures that hit our area? The folks at Shallotte River Swamp Park used a series of Facebook posts to show the public how these reptiles survive the frosty conditions

Alligators can regulate their temperature so they can remain frozen in place until the ice melts. And then I realized as I saw some teeth that, oh my gosh, these guys are poking their heads up out of the water.

The latest video of the "alligators on ice" posted Monday received more than 150,000 views at the time of publishing this article. "And it made sense immediately why they were doing it".

According to local wildlife specialists, this type of behavior is not that uncommon in large species of reptiles such as the alligators.

"It's not a concern whatsoever", he said.

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