What is a 'bomb cyclone?' Monster storm moves up the East Coast

What is a 'bomb cyclone?' Monster storm moves up the East Coast

What is a 'bomb cyclone?' Monster storm moves up the East Coast

A storm system is forming east of Florida on Wednesday, but already a mix of ice and snow has brought winter storm warnings to northern Florida and southern Georgia.

As the air spirals in toward the center of the storm, rises and leaves through the top, the storm could continue to grow if more air leaves the storm than is taken in.

The storm is also giving forecasters a chance to play with other data-generating instruments, including the new GOES-16 satellite that just settled into position over the Eastern U.S. The National Weather Service reported snow fell in the city Wednesday morning. However, bomb cyclones can be risky due to the rapid intensification they bring and the extreme weather they can deliver.

The term "bomb cyclone" has been trending on social media as the storm threatens to push frigid temperatures as far south as northern Florida.

ABC NewsSnowfall totals for the East Coast in the next 36 to 48 hours will span from an inch or two, up to the heaviest amounts in New England and eastern Long Island, where locally 1 foot of snow is possible.

Meteorologists are calling the impending winter detonation a "bomb cyclone", a storm system with a rapidly decreasing pressure area and explosive strength.

While bomb cyclones are merely a meteorological description of a storm and are not named to describe their impacts, they are often heavy storms that are accompanied by hurricane-force winds, dumps of heavy rain or snowfall and flooding along coasts.

Also like something out of "The Day After Tomorrow", this polar vortex looks remarkably similar to the fictional one that ushered in a new Ice Age.

Meanwhile, blizzard warnings have been issued for coastal areas from 7 a.m.to 7 p.m.

"The last time we had measurable snow was 1989", Humphreys said.

"It's snowing in Tallahassee!" Video via 904 Happy Hour.

Parts of SC could see 5 to 6 inches of snow. "That's pretty rare. "So we'll see after all this is done whether get got any measurable snow anywhere". Roads won't be plowed with the speed seen in places like OH or MI.

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