Get over your smartphone addiction with the Substitute Phone

Get over your smartphone addiction with the Substitute Phone

Get over your smartphone addiction with the Substitute Phone

"These observations inspired the idea of making a tool that would help stop this "checking" behavior", Schillinger told Dezeen. Well, there is a product called "Substitute Phone", which is made by Austria-based product and furniture designer Klemens Schillinger. Assuming you're willing to carry some or all five on you, they can simulate scrolling, zooming and swiping. It's similar to a fidget spinner in that way, occupying the hands as a replacement for another activity.

Schillinger told Dezeen that the creation of the Substitute Phone was inspired by the constant, nearly compulsive need to check his phone even if no notifications came up on it. Acquaintances of his displayed similar behavior, so he drew inspiration from his realization to design an object that would calm that urge.

A lot of us check our smartphones hundreds of times a day, slowly becoming addicted to our small rectangles of aluminium and Gorilla Glass; the Substitute Phone is trying to change that.

"There are no digital functions", Schillinger explained on his website. Schillinger says he aims to make the Substitute Phone a coping mechanism for a person who wants to be cured of random impulses to check their real-life smartphone.

Many of us will have experienced habitual smartphone usage; operating our devices, not in the service of a specific, legitimate need, but simply because it's there.

These 'Substitute Phones' are supposed to be therapeutic, allowing smartphone addicts to go through the same calming motions they perform on their electronic handsets "to cope with withdrawal symptoms". Umberto Eco, after giving up smoking, he replaced his pipe with a simple stick.

"It was the same thing, but without the nicotine, just the physical stimulation".

The negative effects of smartphones and smartphone apps have become a growing concern among many in the tech world. That should keep you from missing out on the physical sensation of toying with your phone, while weaning you off of the habit of checking your device for notifications and new items in your feeds.

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