Former "Glee" Star Naya Rivera Arrested For Domestic Battery


Former "Glee" Star Naya Rivera Arrested For Domestic Battery

But after this past Saturday night, when Rivera was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after an alleged altercation with her husband Ryan Dorsey, he may have been telling the truth the whole time. This was after she allegedly assaulted and lightly injured her husband of three years, Ryan Dorsey, while taking their two year-old son, Josey, for a walk.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by Radar, Deputy T.S. Dubiel says he was dispatched around 9:30 pm to a "domestic situation".

His minor injuries were consistent with the claim, which was further corroborated by a video he took during the reported assault.

More details about Naya Rivera's arrest for domestic battery this weekend have been revealed.

According to another Tweet by Kalea, Naya was later released on bond and picked up by her father-in-law.

Rivera and Dorsey married in July 2014 and had been friends for at least four years before tying the knot.

Because the Internet is a sad, cruel place with no bounds, Rivera's ex-boyfriend - a small man that goes by the name of Big Sean - took the opportunity to be shady and not mind his business.

The couple only reconciled last month after it was previously revealed they'd be getting a divorce.

"I'm really A-type", Rivera told Us Weekly and other reporters at the Alliance of Moms' Raising Baby event n L.A. on November 18.

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