NRSC severs fundraising ties with Roy Moore

NRSC severs fundraising ties with Roy Moore

NRSC severs fundraising ties with Roy Moore

Other Republican senators weighing in included Jeff Flake of Arizona, David Perdue of Georgia, John Thune of South Dakota, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Richard Shelby of Alabama and Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania. Sen.

"If you're gonna step aside when you get a allegation you might as well not run because when you run you're gonna get an allegation", Moore declared. "If these allegations are found to be true, Roy Moore must drop out of the Alabama special Senate election". Moore has vehemently denied the allegation. "Our children and grandchildren's futures are on the line", he tweeted Thursday. "So rest assured - I will NEVER GIVE UP the fight!"

I also believe that any person who has been abused should feel the liberty to come forward and seek protection.

The group had been part of a fundraising committee that includes the Alabama Republican party and the Republican National Committee.

That's according to John Bennett, a spokesman for the Alabama secretary of state. And 54% do not believe Moore should withdraw from the race because of it; 35% do. The general election will be December 12.

He also previously said homosexuality should be illegal, and last week he refused to back off comments that Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., should not be allowed to serve in Congress because he's a Muslim.

Moore, who has made his moral and religious beliefs the heart of his pitch to voters, prevailed over several Republican opponents in a closely contested primary that saw Trump, Senator McConnell and most Senate Republicans support the incumbent who had been appointed to Sessions' seat, Luther Strange.

Bannon referenced Moore only briefly during an appearance Thursday night in New Hampshire, attacking The Washington Post as an "apparatus of the Democratic Party". "You can't be a victim 40 years later, in my opinion".

Trump and Republican leaders have called for Moore to step down "if" the charges are true. "McConnell has any say so in this".

"Not a ton of great options and even fewer if he insists on staying put", acknowledged one senior Republican Senate strategist granted anonymity to speak candidly about the Moore situation.

Until recently, few Democratic officials believed that Jones could topple Moore in a state that has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1992, and Democrats have debated fiercely whether to commit resources to the race.

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama is facing lurid allegations of sexual misconduct with minors decades ago - and an immediate backlash from party leaders demanding he get out of the race if the accusations prove true. "There is no place in our party for sexual predators".

CNN reported that it had spoken with Corfman's stepfather, who said the family "stands by" what was reported in The Post.

I know that a lot of people wonder why this story was written.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that an Alabama woman said Moore had sexual contact with her when she was 14 and he was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney. The Post quoted four women on the record and had 30 sources in total. While reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of Moore's Senate campaign, a Post reporter heard that Moore allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls. But this story is more important than just another Bible-thumper caught with his trousers down. The newspaper interviewed more than 20 people who knew Moore between 1977 and 1982 before publishing its findings.

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