How Bad Are The Problems With The iOS 11.1 Update?

How Bad Are The Problems With The iOS 11.1 Update?

How Bad Are The Problems With The iOS 11.1 Update?

Apple admitted the bug is affecting keyboards on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that have been updated to iOS 11.1, though not all devices are experiencing problems.

The error seems to be tied to the autocorrect function, which is turning the letter "i" into the letter A and an odd glyph that looks like a question mark inside of a box. "The unicode character either appears as an unidentified "[?]" next to the letter "A", or as five horizontal bars stacked on top of each other, depending on the app that's being used. It appears to affect users of iOS 10 [pictured] and iOS 11, and has also been reported as happening to users of Apple's Mac computers too.

Some iPhone and iOS users are also reporting installation problems slow speed, issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and specifically faster battery drain.

To temporarily fix the issue, follow this path: settings general keyboard text replacement. The manual method works in most of the cases but doesn't extend to all users.

Apple has released a temporary solution to fix the problem until the latest iOS software is re-wired.

Then, type an uppercase "I" (without quotes) into the "shortcut" line.

"Tyrese Gibson, who is known for his lengthy Instagram captions, was forced to use "!" every time he wanted to use "I" in his last post to the gram. Then click the plus sign in the corner to add a new text replacement.

Apple is releasing hundreds of new ones with the iOS 11.1 update for iPhones and iPads.

Users have come up with several quick fixes, including turning off predictive text via settings or downloading a third party keyboard from the App Store.

In our testing, the "i" changes as you're typing in the body of your text or email.

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