Syria's Golan Height Protesters Slam Israel's Support for Al-Nusra

Syria's Golan Height Protesters Slam Israel's Support for Al-Nusra

Syria's Golan Height Protesters Slam Israel's Support for Al-Nusra

Earlier on Friday a vehicle bomb exploded on the town's outskirts, killing nine people, according to Syrian state media, which also reported clashes in the area.

"There has been heavy fighting [in Syria] since early this morning", Fakherldeen said.

Druze residents tried to cross into Syria, but were held back by Israeli soldiers, Israel's military said on Twitter.

On Friday, a vehicle bombing by the al-Nusra Front terrorist group killed at least nine people and injured 23 others in Hader.

The Israeli army said on Friday that it will not allow jihadists to overrun a government-held Druze village inside Syria, in an unprecedented intervention into the country's years-long civil war.

Israel's military said on Friday it was ready to protect a frontier village in Syria held by the Syrian government, where Damascus said jihadist rebels exploded a auto killing at least nine people.

The sources added that the Israeli Occupied Forces closed all the roads leading from the occupied Palestine to prevent the arrival of hundreds of Arab citizens to the occupied Golan to support the people in Hadar.

Saying they feel a "commitment to the Druze population", the Israeli military has made a previously unheard of pledge to support the village of Khader, Syria.

Meanwhile, Quds Press said that the Israeli occupation army had recently dissolved the Druze Brigade, fearing it would intervene if Syrian Druze were attacked.

Israel is widely believed to be harboring and supporting anti-Syrian government militants who have been wreaking havoc along Syria's Southwestern border regions.

The Israel Police said as part of the general police preparation at the Golan Heights, forces were deployed and stationed at major intersections in the north.

Hader is a majority-Druze village and has been attacked in the past.

However, according to foreign reports, Israel has financially supported other southern Syria opposition groups in order to ensure forces friendly to Israel control the Syrian side of the northern Golan border.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated from London that Israel will continue to "guard our borders and to cherish our sympathy toward our Druze brothers".

But the IDF statement reflected how the Druze are valued inside Israel as brethren by many Jews because thousands of them enlist in the IDF with the blessing of their communal leaders.

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