Galaxy S8 Beta Program Leaks, Oreo Update Round The Corner?

Galaxy S8 Beta Program Leaks, Oreo Update Round The Corner?

Galaxy S8 Beta Program Leaks, Oreo Update Round The Corner?

That means you need to act fast to take advantage of it. Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from T-Mobile and you'll get $200 in Samsung Pay credit that can be redeemed for a Samsung Rewards Visa Card using the Samsung Pay app on the phone. Which bring fixes for 215 vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. This is unlikely to change as Samsung's usual strategy for providing major OS updates rarely includes lower-end budget-friendly models, so the device will probably remain in the Nougat category throughout the remainder of its lifetime.

With that being said, there are other signs that Samsung's Android 8.0 Oreo beta is right around the corner. In the USA, the beta is available for T-Mobile, Sprint and unlocked versions of the phones, with just 7,500 spots open for each.

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If you own Galaxy S8 or S8+ in one of the target areas, you'll be able to register for the beta through the Samsung Members app or Samsung+ as it's known in North America.

Samsung is also committed to providing the Note 8 Enterprise Edition with monthly security updates for three whole years, which should lessen some of the worry about company devices getting ruined by exploits and malicious software. You can download the app via Galaxy Apps and the Google Play Store.

Charging the phone overnight and even making a phonemail has also caused the device to freeze.

Samsung hasn't officially confirmed when it plans to release the first beta, but we may already have the details. Beyond support, the differences mostly come down to corporate-friendly software.

What about Android 8.0 Oreo beta update for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S8 variants?

The regional arm didn't confirm a specific date nor did it confirm specific devices.

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