London refuses to confirm the death of a jihadist british in Syria

London refuses to confirm the death of a jihadist british in Syria

London refuses to confirm the death of a jihadist british in Syria

Britain on Thursday refused to confirm reports that a U.S. drone had killed a middle-aged British mother, also known as the "white widow,", who had joined Islamic State jihadists in Syria.

It is noted that her 12-year-old son died with his mother.

Commenting on reports that the son of Sally Jones was killed during the shelling, he added: "It's hard because in the framework of the UN Charter, the boy not at the age to qualify as a soldier". There have been several such claims of IS militants having been killed only for them to resurface months later.

The report claims Central Intelligence Agency chiefs informed United Kingdom counterparts of her death but news of the strike has been kept quiet amid concerns her 12-year-old son may also have been killed.

Jones in particular targeted young girls to travel to Syria and become jihadi brides and her husband reportedly ran a hacking unit for ISIS.

Azadeh Moaveni, author of the book Lipstick Jihad, said that Jones had been one of Islamic State's "most iconic recruiters". She would use social media to try to recruit other women to join ISIS.

Jonesreportedly used an image of herself stylized as a nun and pointing a gun towards the camera when she posted propaganda online.

Despite this, Sky News was told in June that the jihadist was not happy in Syria and wanted to return to Britain. She was a key recruiter of British aspiring ISIS fighters and was soon put on a U.S. kill list, though she continued to provide online guidance on everything from how to make homemade bombs to the best way of getting to Syria.

Major General Chip Chapman, the former MoD head of counter terror, said Jones would have been a "significant" target as a result of her alliance with Hussain and her role in recruiting IS fighters. "We don't know for sure whether he was with her or not".

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