American Horror Story: Cult season premiere live stream

American Horror Story: Cult season premiere live stream

American Horror Story: Cult season premiere live stream

However, the series' co-creator, Ryan Murphy, claims the show is not specifically about Trump - or Clinton for that matter. She catches her son reading a Twisty the Clown comic book late one night - a clown who was seen in the season of "Freak Show". Should we be afraid?

The outcome of the 2016 presidential election kicks the plot of American Horror Story: Cult into gear, but as it turns out, this would have been true even if Hillary Clinton had defeated Donald Trump.

The teaser has a directed correlation with the first trailer for Cult because we get a glimpse of Ally (Sarah Paulson) and Ivy's (Alison Pill) son reading a Twisty the Clown comic book and seemingly fascinated by the villain much to Ally's disapproval since she has a bad phobia of clowns. And usually they're like, masturbating or trying to attack her with a knife. Their friends, the Changs, yell at each other. Contrast that with Kai Anderson (Evan Peters), a 20-something, greasy white dude sitting alone in a drab basement. "The world we're living in is ridiculous". In that same house, Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) - who I'll assume is his sister, given their conversations and shared surname - is devastated. "So if he were here, I would feel much easier about (discussing) it", she says nervously. "Everyone is", he replies, stating the fundamental theme for this season, fear. A weird and brash couple (Billy Eichner and Leslie Grossman) moves in across the street, saying and doing things that seem created to further provoke Ally's anxieties; same goes for Oz's creepy new part-time nanny (Billie Lourd) who, unbeknown to Ally and Ivy, is working alongside Kai. He repeatedly stabs the guy and then runs after the girl to kill her too.

Warning: obvious, clown-filled spoilers ahead! He prescribes her some pills and encourages her to stop obsessing over social media and focus on her marriage and her child instead. (Ally is aghast to learn her murdered neighbors were renters.) Even our heroine's name - Ally - is a reflection of how she sees herself aligned with the minorities in her community. She freaks out, runs to her auto and calls her wife in a panic about how they're trying to kill her.

When they return from their date to a crime scene on their street, Ally and Ivy panic. As she looks up, she thinks she sees the reflection of two odd people. "Why would they send us to Florida when we should have been in Wisconsin?" The rest of the episode continues to capitalize on the fears of both the left and the right, with Ally and Kai serving as tropes of their respective parties. Let the other horror historians know what you think in the comment section below.

Kai decides to take matters into his own hands. As Ally and Ivy are arguing about the election outside, Kai comes along and throws his drink at them. He then hurls it like a water balloon at the group of men, who proceed to beat him up.

The fact that Ally's going back to work, and that their housekeeper mysteriously disappeared after the election, means the couple needs a new nanny for Oz. They hire Winter, who acts sweet and nice during the interview. She logs into the dark web, making him watch videos of people dying.

In the next scene, Kai appears in front of the city council members to hear about "what's going on in the world". "You'll see them on television", he said. The police confirm this by saying the scene looks to be a murder-suicide.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the doll-faced intruder from The Strangers, this clown in platform boots and a frilly dress would be kind of pretty if not for the part where she's something straight out of a nightmare.

The episode ends with Ally rolling over in between, coming face to face with one of the clowns and screaming.

This season definitely seems to be exploring fear and reality itself. Did Ally actually see them in the supermarket and at the restaurant or was that a hallucination?

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