Moon to spoil meteor show - astronomers

Moon to spoil meteor show - astronomers

Moon to spoil meteor show - astronomers

The Irish skies are set to illuminate this weekend as the annual Perseid meteor shower is in full blaze.

The Perseid meteor shower coming up on August 12 is being billed as one of the biggest astronomical events in the last 96 years - that is, based on false information circulating around the internet in meme-form. "The best Perseid performance of which we are aware occurred back in 1993, when the peak Perseid rate topped 300 meteors per hour".

Guaranteed they'll have an excellent view point and the group provides telescopes.

All meteor showers are best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere, and this one is no different.

You have plenty of time to see the Perseids Meteor Shower as it will take place on Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 13. Hendricks said the Saturday night sky, though cloudy and possibly stormy at first, should clear up by midnight.

For the best experience, visit a remote or quiet area to catch a glimpse of the meteors.

This year the Perseids can be seen between now and Thursday, August 24. "In the city, you could probably see around 20 stars but when you are out, you can count the black spaces in the sky!" he says.

While the 2016 Perseids display was considered an "outburst" of grand proportion with 200 meteors per hour, this year will offer a lesser 150 per hour, said Bill Cooke, of the NASA Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville, Ala. Perseus is just north of the W-shaped constellation Cassiopeia in the Milky Way, with the bright star Capella and the Pleiades star cluster below it. Meteors near the radiant will have short trails because we see them almost straight on, while those far from the radiant will look longer because they are seen from the side.

The Perseids happen when Earth hits a belt of debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle on its elongated, 133-year orbit around the Sun.

At least 50 or more meteors per hour will be observed during its peak time.

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