Introducing Watch and Shows on Facebook | Facebook Media

Introducing Watch and Shows on Facebook | Facebook Media

Introducing Watch and Shows on Facebook | Facebook Media

This week, the social media giant introduced the Watch platform, which aims to change the way people watch videos and TV shows online.

Over time, creators will be able to monetise their shows through "ad breaks", according to Facebook.

With the launch of Watch, Facebook is also launching "Show Pages", which are created to make it easy for people to understand what a show is about, watch episodes and other related videos, and connect with communities that have formed around a show.

Watch will be a personalised platform, that means Facebook will look at what you respond to and what your friends are watching and suggest shows to you based on that.

Some of the sections mentioned are: "Most Talked About", "What's Making People Laugh", and "What Friends Are Watching".

While people watch a lot of videos on Facebook, these are mostly shared by their friends, seen as users scroll down their main news feed.

Even the shows on Watch now are more community based or how-to videos like on YouTube instead of large budget fiction shows such as on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Some of the shows will be paid for by the social network.

"We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows - from reality to comedy to live sports".

The Watch tab is available on mobile, on PCs and through the TV apps, but is initially available to a limited group of people in the United States. Each one will have episodes, and by subscribing to a Show you will be kept up to date as new episodes are added. If successful, Watch could stem the ad-load slowdown for the rest of the year that Chief Financial Officer David Wehner warned about last month when Facebook filed its quarterly earnings.

The social Apps are getting much better with each passing day by inventing new useful features for its users.

Facebook has said that it will also broadcast one Major League Baseball game every week.

Watching video on Facebook has the incredible power to connect people, spark conversation, and foster community. Facebook says this would allow creators and publishers to build a strong fan following and earn money from their work.

Among the shows Facebook is paying for are "Returning the Favor", a show about inspiring people starring Mike Rowe, who was the host of "Dirty Jobs".

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