Police seek gunman who wounded 3 at San Francisco Park

Police seek gunman who wounded 3 at San Francisco Park

Police seek gunman who wounded 3 at San Francisco Park

San Francisco police will station two officers at a popular Mission District park during the day and night following a shooting that wounded three people and sent others running for safety.

The police department added that three people had been victims of the incident "at this time" and that all of the injured were being transported to hospital.

Authorities say one man remained in critical condition Friday morning and another was treated and released.

Hatter, a witness who goes by that name, told the SF Gate that he saw some park regulars confront the group of men.

A shooting in Dolores Park around 3:05pm has led police to restrict traffic in the area this afternoon. A second later, he said, one of the men pulled out a handgun and fired six to seven rounds in rapid succession - an account confirmed by multiple witnesses.

A motive has not been determined for the Thursday shooting.

Juhasz said she saw two people who had been shot.

Juhasz claims to have seen two of the victims, one man, who appeared to be bleeding from his chest and another who was being helped by paramedics.

Antonia Juhasz, a witness, told local media that she saw a shooter firing with a handgun from behind a statue at the park, which was packed with kids and their parents at the time.

The park, which sits on a hill, was crowded with people, including children in a playground and running around the grass.

She says it was a terrifying moment because people were not reacting, possibly thinking the blasts were fireworks.

"We do know that suspects fled the scene, but we're not entirely sure which direction", San Francisco Police spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan told the San Francisco Examiner.

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