Aviation security experts call for beefed up airport safety amid terror threat

Aviation security experts call for beefed up airport safety amid terror threat

Aviation security experts call for beefed up airport safety amid terror threat

It is "unfathomable" that a Sydney man arrested over a terrorist plot to bring down an aircraft had anything to do with the alleged conspiracy, his lawyer says.

Etihad Airways is cooperating with Australia's Federal Police service as they investigate a foiled plot to bring down an airliner, the airline said in a statement on Tuesday.

Three other men remain behind bars after Australian Federal Police were granted the power to hold them for up to seven days.

Local reports have also said the men might have links to the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, with Justice Minister Michael Keenan only saying "it's clear that this has been inspired by radical Islamic ideology".

Speaking to Sky News, Justice Minister Keenan said that security would be tightened for the foreseeable future, causing delays for both domestic and global travellers, but they would ensure that Australia's "world-leading" security and intelligence agencies can keep people safe.

"It's a very serious allegation to have against you", Mr Kheir said.

Another official quoted by Reuters noted that the plan was "fairly well along" by the time the Australian police raids took place. "And I should expect charges to be laid in due course", Turnbull said.

He told reporters in Perth that the times passengers had been advised to arrive at airports would return to normal after being extended following the alleged plot which "has been disrupted and it has been contained".

"We have very comprehensive and multi-layered security at our airports and we believe that would have been effective in this instance".

Australia's national terror threat level remains at "probable" - the third level on a scale of five.

People should follow the directions of their airline, he added.

Then at the boarding gate, cameras would identify passengers as they approach the barriers, which would automatically open and allow the passenger on board: a concept now being trialled at Brisbane Airport with selected Air New Zealand flyers, reports Australian Business Traveller.

Police have been gathering evidence since conducting raids at the weekend in what PM Malcolm Turnbull called a "major counter-terrorism operation".

On Tuesday, Etihad Airways confirmed it was assisting police with their investigation.

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