Trump's State Deptartment finds new ways to make Russian Federation happy

Trump's State Deptartment finds new ways to make Russian Federation happy

Trump's State Deptartment finds new ways to make Russian Federation happy

The White House said US President Donald Trump had familiarized himself with the final version of a bill and planned to sign it into law.

The U.S. Congress voted last week by overwhelming margins for sanctions to punish the Russian government over interference in the 2016 presidential election and its annexation of Crimea.

Washington is ready to discuss with Moscow the sequence of steps necessary to overcome the conflict in Syria, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said.

Tillerson's trip also presents an opportunity for the Trump administration to expand its engagement with key bilateral allies and partners in the subregion that are important to the advancement of USA interests.

Tillerson, quoted by the Associated Press, also admitted there are some differences with President Trump, for example on the issue of a nuclear agreement with Iran, but added that he felt good at his post and dispelled the speculation that he was dissatisfied and was looking for a way to withdraw.

"We initiated a sustained and continued intensified campaign on what I like to call peaceful pressure, because the options available to us, I think as all of you well understand, are limited, and particularly if we think we are operating under a short period of time", he said.

Insisted the USA doesn't blame China for North Korea's nuclear behavior despite the American pressure on Beijing.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho are both attending a Southeast Asia summit that is expected to focus heavily on regional concerns about the North. Susan Thornton, the top Asia hand in the State Department, said Tillerson had no plans to sit down with Ri.

"Regarding Russia, we have not sought to reduce efforts to spotlight and combat Moscow's "active measures" or information activities", Hammond told the website. The bill nearly unanimously supported by both houses of Congress. He also said he and Trump are not "very happy" with the Congress' recent vote to sanction Russian Federation, but "all indications are he will sign that bill, and then we'll just work with it". "I don't think the American people want us to have a bad relationship with a huge nuclear power, but I think they are frustrated, and I think a lot of this reflects the frustration that we've not seen the kind of improvement in the relationship with Russian Federation that all of us would like to see". Officials in the building and lawmakers on Capitol Hill want Tillerson to spend the money that's sitting there.

This will be the first face-to-face meeting of United States and Russian foreign ministers after Moscow's decision to cut off more than 750 USA diplomatic mission staff in Russia. Does it make our life more hard?

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