U.S. conducts successful THAAD anti-missile system test

U.S. conducts successful THAAD anti-missile system test

U.S. conducts successful THAAD anti-missile system test

The most recent US trial of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) framework was arranged well before North Korea's most recent rocket dispatch, however it comes during a period of rising pressure with the nation since Pyongyang propelled its first-historically speaking trial of an ICBM on July 4.

A medium-range ballistic missile was intercepted over the Pacific Ocean early Sunday during a test of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, the Missile Defense Agency said. The THAAD weapon system, located at Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska in Kodiak, detected, tracked and intercepted the target.

The test comes just days after North Korea successfully launched a ballistic missile into the territorial waters of Japan, causing both global outrage and fear that the leaders of the reclusive nation might be close to having a functional missile program.

The test, designated Flight Experiment THAAD (FET)-01, was conducted to gather threat data from a THAAD interceptor in flight, the release said.

This comes just days after North Korea launched its second intercontinental ballistic missile. North Korea's first ICBM test was conducted on July 4 - a launch that former US ambassador to the United Nations, Bill Richardson, described to CBS News as a "game changer" because Kim Jong Un is "basically saying to President Trump 'come at me'".

"We assess that this missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile, as had been expected", Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said in a statement.

The THAAD element provides a globally-transportable, rapidly-deployable capability to intercept ballistic missiles inside or outside the atmosphere during their final, or terminal, phase of flight.

The test was also aimed at confirming the maximum range and other technical aspects of the missile it says was capable of delivering a 'large-sized, heavy nuclear warhead'.

The US military this year began deploying THAAD to South Korea, a move that infuriated China, which has argued the deployment would further destabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The B-1s teamed up with Japanese and South Korean fighter jets to test "combined capabilities" during the mission, the United States military said in a statement.

U.S., President Donald Trump had condemned the launch branding it as "reckless and dangerous".

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