Iran launches missiles at ISIL in eastern Syria

Iran launches missiles at ISIL in eastern Syria

Iran launches missiles at ISIL in eastern Syria

Iran's Revolutionary Guard announced on Sunday that it launched several missiles into Syria, targeting Islamic State fighters in retaliation for the attacks in Tehran on June 7.

Previous actions centered on supporting Shiite militias in Iraq and sending troops in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a key Iranian ally. "The spilling of any pure blood will not go unanswered". Social media was awash in shaky mobile phone footage from those areas, allegedly showing the missiles rise in an orange glow before heading toward their targets.

"A missile strike on militants' positions is a warning to terrorists".

Activists in Syria did not immediately have information about the Iranian-claimed strikes.

Five Islamic State-linked attackers stormed Iran's parliament and a shrine to revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on June 7, killing at least 17 people and wounding more than 50.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for the assaults.

"The IRGC warns the Takfiri terrorists and their regional and trans-regional supporters that they would be engulfed by its revolutionary wrath and flames of the fire of its revenge in case they repeat any such devilish and dirty move in future", the IRGC added. According to Iran, the militant groups were responsible for the twin terror attacks in Tehran about two weeks ago.

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