West leaves Warriors for Clippers

After helping create the powerhouse Golden State Warriors, Jerry West will attempt to work the same magic in Los Angeles with the Clippers.

Under the details that have been reported, a company controlled by the Clippers-Murphy's Bowl LLC-would enter into a 36-month negotiation period, with the option to extend that deal by six months.

West told ESPN that it was a hard decision but it was something he wanted to do. During West's time with the Warriors, the team rose from a losing roster with some potential to a budding dynasty that could be as dominant as any we've seen in the league.

West has been with the Warriors since 2011.

West's former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Elgin Baylor spent 22 years as general manager of the Clippers before being let go in 2008. "I've kind of been defiant my whole life, the way I was raised and I think this is like the defiant streak in me, I don't know". Was this the end of me being productive? The 79-year-old veteran made a statement by saying "sometimes you need to be challenged". He reportedly nixed a Klay Thompson-for-Kevin Love trade which many feel helped the Warriors clinch the 2015 National Basketball Association championship.

The Clippers have no draft picks this year, and their two biggest stars-Blake Griffin and Chris Paul-both have the ability to opt out of their contracts this summer to become unrestricted free agents. "This, to me, changes the center of gravity in Los Angeles County to Inglewood", Butts said. Owner Joe Lacob, meanwhile, says he'll do "whatever it takes" to re-sign Stephen Curry - possibly to the tune of $200 million.

Inglewood City Council unanimously voted in favor Thursday of a negotiating agreement on the development of a "premier and state-of-the-art" basketball arena with seating capacity of 18,000 to 20,000.

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