Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

It is that lucrative line of business that President Donald Trump will target when he rolls out his new Cuba policy Friday in Miami, the heart of the country's hard-line exile community, according to USA officials who have seen a draft presidential memorandum.

Almost five months into office, Trump has reversed Obama on items ranging from business regulations to participation in the Paris climate change agreement.

He will also leave in place some other tangible measures implemented by his Democratic predecessor, including the resumption of direct U.S. -Cuba commercial flights, though Trump's more restrictive policy seems certain to dampen new economic ties overall.

That still leaves Cubans in Cuba, who are supposedly the ultimate beneficiaries of the changes Washington wants to bring about in the island. The new Trump policy will require greater documentation.

Selling Cuban cigars, importing Cuban cigars and having Cuban cigars shipped to America remain illegal.

During his presidential campaign, Trump said that Obama's decision to ease trade and travel restrictions had amounted to playing right into the hands of a regime that had made no concessions in return.

Those travels and visitors' ability to use Cuba's military-run bank are not believed to be affected by the Trump changes, though the Herald reports that the administration's new policy will include a broad restriction on interactions with the military branch that runs the majority of Cuba's economy.

"Our policy is to focus effort on assisting the Cuban people, not enriching the Cuban military", one top adviser said, an implicit charge that the Obama administration did just that.

"My friends and I have invested a lot in the possibility of the American public coming, so yes I'm anxious", said Coba, 27, echoing the view of many Cubans working in the relatively lucrative tourism sector. We would limit our people-to-people diplomacy, and hurt average Cubans.

"The ill-advised move, pushed by representatives in Congress, including Senator Marco Rubio, who have no firsthand knowledge of the situation in Cuba and merely want to perpetuate policies that were ineffective for more than half a century, could have the negative effect of encouraging Raul Castro to align Cuba with less democratic governments like those in Russian Federation and China".

To Ferrer, in her fourth year of Latin American studies at the University of Florida, such a move would squander years of progress towards a normalisation of relations between the countries - and rob many Cubans on the island their chance to rise above poverty. This could have a cooling effect on travel as it adds a potential layer of inconvenience to travelers.

Engage Cuba, an impact group dedicated to keeping Cuba borders open has pointed out that the impact of completely closing off Cuba travel could mean an impact of 12,000 jobs and 6.6 billion dollars to American businesses.

Under the revised travel policy, USA officials say there will be tighter enforcement to make sure Americans legally fit the 12 authorized categories they claim to be traveling under, which could spook many visitors, wary of receiving a hefty fine.

Obama's actions allowed for more Americans to travel to Cuba, leading United States air carriers to market commercial flights direct to Cuba and cruise ships to port in the nation.

Trump has been a longtime critic of the Obama administration's dealings with the Castro regime.

"Trump doesn't care about human rights anywhere". Trump will not change any rules that Obama kept in Cuba - American policy, but he is going to demand the Cuba in some issues. U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, and U.S. Sen.

Rubio has, for years, led the charge for toughening relations with Cuba.

"The goal of these policies is very simple", Rubio said in a message posted on Facebook.

Rubio's embrace of Trump on Cuba is a slight break for the Florida senator, who has been a harsh critic of Trump's views policy toward hotbed areas like Asia, the Middle East and Russian Federation, and has faulted Trump's comments about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Officials said the money which they infused into Cuba from U.S had increased the benefits of tourism and business deals. Trump said he'd be "honored" to meet with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

A return to the past could characterize Trump's announcement that fulfills a promise he made in his election campaign a year ago.

Trump's new policy will ban transactions with the Grupo de Administracion Empresarial S.A., a business controlled by the Cuban military.

He reiterated this point on Twitter after winning the election.

Some 285,000 people visited the Caribbean country in 2016, up 74 percent over 2015, with Americans the third biggest group after Canadians and Cuban expats.

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