First of Aston Martin's new AMR models enters production

First of Aston Martin's new AMR models enters production

First of Aston Martin's new AMR models enters production

A few months ago at the Geneva Motor Show, Aston Martin launched a new line of racing-inspired performance derivatives of its road-going models.

As a starting point for the new AMR models we get the Aston Martin Vantage AMR - perhaps Aston's sportiest model - which can be had as a V8 AMR or V12 AMR, and, we're promised, will be followed by AMR models across the AML range. Three finishes are available for the 5-spoke V8 Vantage's AMR alloy wheels, or for the 10-spoke rims of the V12 model. Both naturally aspirated engines are hooked up to automated sequential manual gearboxes with six- and seven-speeds, respectively.

The four colour schemes available are white with orange, black with blue, blue with red and silver with grey. The V8 makes 436hp, with the V12 now up to 603hp from 573; both are offered with manual or paddleshift gearboxes.

Not only is the Vantage AMR the last hurrah for the current generation, it's also the first production vehicle to fall under the AMR sub-brand. In keeping with its exterior the Halo Pack features boldly contrasting colours, including Lime Green welts and accents. For those wanting an extreme interior and exterior look, lightweight carbonfibre seats are offered, as are a host of other carbon features such as a lightweight front grille, mirror caps and door grabs on the inside. Available also is the AMR aero kit which adds a spoiler, splitters and canards for those who opt to have a more aggressive and personalized look. Take a look at the white auto here for an idea of how that will look; the Aero Kit is the most obvious change, but there are also a set of forged aluminium wheels and a titanium exhaust that saves 14kg from standard.

The AMR brand will have two tiers, "series production limited-edition models" where the Vantage AMR will sit, and the more "extremely modified AMR Pro models" created by Q by Aston Martin Advanced Operations. If you throw those on your vehicle, you might as well check the box for the forged wheels and the AMR titanium exhaust, which saves 30 lbs. over the standard V12 Vantage system while "sounding sensational" and improving throttle response. First deliveries will take place in the final quarter of 2017.

595bhp in United Kingdom and European Union and 580bhp in Asia Pacific, Chinese and Middle East Markets.

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